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Looking for fellow dumpster divers in the Meriden, CT area. I've been making a conscious effort to move back to freeganism, and want people to go raiding with.
Also, anyone up for hitting the yearly "Yale fucks leaving and throwing all their perfectly good shit from their mommies and daddies out" dumpster extravaganza with me? We need to do it early, though.........all of New Haven, CT and the surrounding areas hit that stuff!


First Dumpster Diving Experience!

I did it!
And boy, am I ever sore. What a grand way to stay fit and, most likely after a while, become pretty darn muscular!
Climbing those bad boys, jumping in and out, lifting heavy garbage... and my stomach muscles! From all that laughing!

Okay, so question:
There is a dumpster here with a sign (a rather official looking one, at that!) that says something along the lines of "Dumpsters chemically treated. Contents unfit for human consumption". We looked in anyway and found our best hit yet! Loaf upon loaf of bread - and muffins! So many muffins! They looked fine. And they were packaged and wrapped and such...
But - should I stay away from there? Or is it just a ploy? I mean, I remember in Evasion - the guy was talking about how sometimes the dumpster would say "Cardboard Only" but further investigation revealed the dumpster to be full of food! Non-cardboard food! So I'm just questioning how much I can trust those dumpster signs...


so who knows of some good books (novels are specifically what i'm into lately) in which the main characters are poor folk? perhaps a book set in a slum/underdeveloped country/reservation (yes, i am generalizing here) or set prior to the 1900's. you get my drift?...i've just been having cravings to read such books and learn what i can from them.



So I am very much against capitalism and making a profit, although as with many this is just a theory I am living by and and ideal I am progressing towards. As part of getting by in the here and now, my wife and I sell some stuff on Ebay, and she has even had a small at home business doing crafts and such on and off to make a buck.

I'd like to hear anyone's ideas on profit making and how to best move past it in todays society. Bartering? Alternative currencies? etc? Trying not to do anything illegal were I could get into too much trouble, though pilfering small things from excess such as at universitis or jobs is pretty common place.

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In light of Xander's recent commentary, I thought I ought to see what everyone thought about the membership requirements for this community. I don't mind changing them if that's what everyone wants.

There are two things to consider:

1. Should the introductory post requirement be lifted? We could instead just suggest it without making it a requirement. If we choose to lift this, I can re-add all the people I removed earlier as well.

2. Should the community be kept restricted to members-only? It could instead allow public posts, though each person would be free to make their posts friends-only.

Please let me know your thoughts!

EDIT: This community is open and unrestricted now, so just let me know if there are any objections otherwise I assume everyone's happy with it.

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As warned last week, if you couldn't be bothered to post an introductory post, you have now been removed from this community. I don't like to impose a lot of rules, but I think it's a pretty simple requirement that if you want to be here, you simply let us know who you are. So anyways, if you want to rejoin, you can have a second chance, but you need to follow the simple rules if you do.

Of course, I encourage everyone else to keep posting stuff, but you don't have to. ;-)

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I'm making all future posts to this community friends-only. If you are considering joining, please read and re-read the community rules. In particular:

  • You may not judge another's choices, no matter how much they violate your morals - your morals dictate only your own actions, and nobody else's. Everyone is free to make whatever choices they want. This is a safe haven for all, and judging/putting down/etc. others will not be tolerated. If somebody wants your opinion, they'll ask for it.

  • Keep the conversation friendly - NO ATTACKS, and read the above rule again.

Thank you,

-- The Management