Erika (everytwohours) wrote in poor_by_choice,

First Dumpster Diving Experience!

I did it!
And boy, am I ever sore. What a grand way to stay fit and, most likely after a while, become pretty darn muscular!
Climbing those bad boys, jumping in and out, lifting heavy garbage... and my stomach muscles! From all that laughing!

Okay, so question:
There is a dumpster here with a sign (a rather official looking one, at that!) that says something along the lines of "Dumpsters chemically treated. Contents unfit for human consumption". We looked in anyway and found our best hit yet! Loaf upon loaf of bread - and muffins! So many muffins! They looked fine. And they were packaged and wrapped and such...
But - should I stay away from there? Or is it just a ploy? I mean, I remember in Evasion - the guy was talking about how sometimes the dumpster would say "Cardboard Only" but further investigation revealed the dumpster to be full of food! Non-cardboard food! So I'm just questioning how much I can trust those dumpster signs...
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