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Canned Soup

These are modified versions of your regular condensed soup. I used Campbell because it's the cheapest. Condensed soup IS NOT the best thing to eat, however, if you're strapped for both time and money these will tide you over until you can get more of either one.

Better Tomato Soup

1 container of lemon flavored yogurt
1 can of Del Monte Flavored Diced Tomatoes (my favorites are Basil & Garlic or Zesty Chilie)
1 can of Tomato Soup (Campbell)

In one pot. place the soup and yogurt on low. While it heats, blend the yogurt and soup together. Now, the directions on the can says to add a whole can of water into the pot, because of the tomatoes, I only put in half. Now add the diced tomatoes into the soup until hot. Serve immediately. I eat this with a grilled cheese sandwich. 

This can serve 2-4 depending on how hungry everyone is.

Real Potato Soup

1 can of Cream of Potato soup
1- half a can of corn
1- half a can of diced potatoes

Heat the soup according to the directions of the label. (I use 1 whole can of skim milk to keep it some what creamy. Opt for either water or milk to your own preference.) Add both half can of corn and potatoes. Serve hot. I've never eaten this with a sandwich, but my recommend a BLT, vegetarian or otherwise. 

Now, what you have left here is two halves of two cans of veggies. This is what I do with it.


1 can of chili (I get the Vegetarian with beans)
1- half a can of corn
1- half a can of diced potatoes

Dump everything a pot and heat up! Best with your favorite crackers or Frito Scoops.


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