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Poor by Choice!
...because living for money is a horrible way to live
i was born into a middle-class family. i am seventeen, and i go to a… 
31st-Dec-2006 01:27 pm
i was born into a middle-class family.
i am seventeen, and i go to a school that costs 9,000+ dollars per year.
so why am i here?

this summer i am dropping my lifestyle of shopping sprees and reveling in a disposable income to live homeless, dumpster dive, hitch rides, and sleep in cardboard dumpsters.
not because i think it'd be a laugh and a smashing good time, but because i'm tired of being around people who care more about the label in my pants than the thoughts in my head.
i'm here for support, because everyone i confide in is freaking out.
i'm hoping for someone to refrain from warning me of the dangers. i know. i'm hoping for someone to embrace my decision instead of passing off my ambition as a childish fantasy.

i hope that this is the place i can get what i'm hoping for.
5th-Jan-2007 12:06 pm (UTC)
I think the previous poster was trying to point out that some of the people in this group aren't necessarily the ones you want to take advice from, not posting as a comment on you.

I know you said you'd prefer not to be warned of the dangers (& apologies in advance - I'd feel lax if I didn't post) but sleeping rough in a city is not something you want to try.

As someone whose spent time working for homeless shelters - trust me on this, you won't find people who care about your opinions, you will find disease, hunger, cold, lack of fresh water... & possibly death (homeless mortality rates are still rising).

If you want an alternative, try working (/devoting more time to) for some voluntary charity organisations (not sure what the American equivalents are) & devoting some of your disposable income to that charity.

It's somewhat safer, you'll meet people who share your world-view & you'll do some good while you're at it.

At the end of the day, it’s your choice what you do with yourself, the person most affected by what you do will be you…but your family aren’t claiming it’s dangerous to keep you in captivity ;).

You probably should trust those you know, rather than faceless internet people when it’s a major decision (everyone has their own agendas whether benign or not, or whether they’ll admit it or not).

Sorry again, just my two cents.
6th-Jan-2007 04:25 pm (UTC)
don't apologize. i appreciate your candor.
11th-Feb-2010 02:31 am (UTC)
Also rape.
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