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Poor by Choice!
...because living for money is a horrible way to live
i was born into a middle-class family. i am seventeen, and i go to a… 
31st-Dec-2006 01:27 pm
i was born into a middle-class family.
i am seventeen, and i go to a school that costs 9,000+ dollars per year.
so why am i here?

this summer i am dropping my lifestyle of shopping sprees and reveling in a disposable income to live homeless, dumpster dive, hitch rides, and sleep in cardboard dumpsters.
not because i think it'd be a laugh and a smashing good time, but because i'm tired of being around people who care more about the label in my pants than the thoughts in my head.
i'm here for support, because everyone i confide in is freaking out.
i'm hoping for someone to refrain from warning me of the dangers. i know. i'm hoping for someone to embrace my decision instead of passing off my ambition as a childish fantasy.

i hope that this is the place i can get what i'm hoping for.
1st-Jan-2008 02:58 am (UTC) - ???
I think I can see where you are going here. The experiance could be good, but let me share a twist and I would love your response and the comments of other. I often wonder about how there unfortunate lifestyle could be changed from where they are, what knowledge could one share, what simple gift could one make that would have th potential to change there world forever??? How about the ability to feed them self? What about a few little seeds, any makeshift container would work, if daily water is avalable, and most often is, they could carry around a secret garden in there pocket. Safe, healthy, convenient, cheep!!! I am not sure, what good you could do, diving for food. A very small amount of seeds could feed a man or women on the streets for many many days, a coffee can, a family for a year!!! maybe more. What if with a little effort they could produce excess and sell sprouts? even as food for animals. I don't know if it could be done, or if it could make a would-wide difference but I feel like if a plan could be create in that arena, more good could be done, using far less money and natural resources!

Would love to hear more about your Why? Why are you going to the streets? What do you wish to accomplish? Even if your plan is shaky,I do hope you have a burning WHY, otherwise, how do you know if it is worth it??? What would be a success or failure? Hit me back

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